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Choosing Who to Add on Google+

Pepper Oldziey Google PlusYou came to Google+ and your favorite friends aren't there yet. What do you do? You go find people. Don't walk away. It is so blindingly easy to do this, just give it a minute and you will see.

Pick a topic and put a hashtag on it, put it into Google+ search. Here's one - try this: #googleplus

Flowing in front of you as you scroll down you will see over a thousand people in the first 30 seconds. Like a candy store, so many people, so many faces, how do you choose?

You can create a method for this. You want everyone but don't add everyone. Use some wise judgement. What are you seeking? Who will have authoritative information. Who is already popular. These are places to start.

Choose Your People by Faces

First you see faces. If you don't see a face, then it is a business. That's okay. But you want to communicate with people so go for people first. If you don't see a face or a logo, keep moving because it is somebody who is not interested in some real communication, not enough to show their real face. Google likes faces as it can recognize them and also post them on search results more readily.

Google Plus Page

Some faces you may know. For me, I already have many of these people in my circles. The green boxes are all people in my circles. (But, gee don't all these handsome men look terrific!) As you can see, it says their name and this is followed by what they do. It also tells you if you know people in common.

Check them out in "About"

Then you pick the ones you like and go check em out. Click on their picture and you will see their page. You want to look at two pages about them at least: "About" and "Posts".

In their "About" page you can see if they posted anything. The people who have shared what they do and where they work, these will be most interesting to you. Some folks just say "male" and stop there. Blah, they don't care enough to want to meet people.

The people who will gain more followers and be scanned and shared more easily by Google on search will have a profile filled with information. The details of important points to fill in will be shared in another post. For now, just check em out and be sure there is something there to check out, or move right along.

Look at their "Posts"

Then go see a few posts. Do they post on topics you enjoy? Could you learn from this person? Could they learn from you? Do you like their style or their photos? Give em a quick once over and add them. You can always delete them later if it doesn't work out.

Okay, ha ha, this is not like online dating. You want business colleagues and shared referral partners and mentors. Be logical here. Give yourself some great people to converse with. They are also more likely to be serious and add you back. You want to end up with more people following you than you are following, but first things first, fill the party room.

What "Circles" do you put them in?

Well I do some interesting things with circles. For example if I am using a hashtag, I will create a circle with that hashtag name, so I can keep track. I will put all the people I select first into that circle from that page. Then I can move them around later.

I also have circles that I got as a gift from people who I value. So I call them "Shared Testing", for example. I watch the posts and then throw out some and keep others if their stuff is interesting. Then I will move them into future topic circles. Otherwise I may put people in my homepage if I really like their stuff, or any other topic we share.

Please know that any post you don't like you can just dismiss and remove. You can also set the volume of posts you get from any circle. You can always, and please do, remove all email and text notifications! You will get notifications that you select in your settings. That's another topic for another post.

You Craft Your Reading Experience

If you want to make Google Plus something you want to visit everyday and meet people and learn from, then care to craft it for your enjoyment. I want to see great posts on things I am learning, great photos on subjects that soothe me, and funny things from people who don't post junk. So I choose who plays in my homepage stream carefully. So will you.

But for now, just get strted. Put a few folks in your party first to talk to them and comment on their work. See who talks back to you and adds you back. Make sure your profile and posts are interesting so people will want to add you back.

I like having a party everyday. I open my iPhone, tap the Google+ button and poof! the fun begins. You'll see.



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